Wolf News

A warm welcome to my brand spanking new wolfy website and very first blog entry!


I’ve had a very busy summer what with discovering glass engraving, writing essays for my MA and indeed some practical and critical research for my first year assessment (wish me luck!) and not to mention all the wolf taming!! (Well, alright I’ve been trying to train my one year old puppy Agnes who has has got sit, paw, wait, spin, roll over and bang band (play dead) down to a tee but absolutely CANNOT master “heel” and “Come here!”). It’s a good job she’s absolutely gorgeous….


I’m currently getting ready to send of my first glass engraving sale!! (very happy!!) It’s about to be whisked off to Worcestershire to start a new life as a very special birthday present.

small rodent glass engraving


Keep an eye on my etsy shop for my engravings that will be needing good homes –


So please watch this space for more info on how things are progressing with Bellatron and the Wolf!!


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