Engraving Sue and MA Exhibition

This week I have been working on a very special engraving commission….

Engraving of Sue

Sue!!… or Molly… or Big Pig…. she has many guises but one very cute little face.

I have been really enjoying having a little break for my MA to concentrate on glass engraving. I still have so much to learn after discovering this magical medium at Easter but with every piece I practice on something new reveals itself. I’m especially enjoying engraving animal subjects – drawing fur is so meditative and calming and I love seeing their personalities being revealed from the cold, glass surface.

Sue is a lovely Yorkshire terrier Cross and lives in a fabulous new gallery in Brighton called Fresh Hell – viewings by appointment.

I’m now available for commissions – either pet portraits or other subjects – just drop me a line  and see more examples of my glass engravings on my gallery page.

Sue engraving

In other wolf news…

I have recently discovered that I have passed the first year of my MA course with a Merit in both my project report and my first year assessment – I can now continue onto my second and final year!! I’m extremely happy and relieved and looking forward to getting my teeth stuck into my project again. I’ll be posting soon about the content of my project – which is still very much a work in progress at the moment and subject to constant revision but hopefully soon I’ll be able to share a few ideas and my current inspirations.

The graduates this year put together a very successful, diverse and talent filled exhibition and really made me think about what on earth I’m going to pull together next year. It was very inspiring and I hope to keep in contact with everyone, can’t wait to see what they do next!



Keep watching this space for more news of the wolf variety coming soon…


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